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An instructional step by step pictorial guide to performing anal massage. You will need a water based jelly lubricant ( Astroglide for example) and a latex glove. It is not recommended not to use lubricants with "de-sensitizing" properties. The receiver should strive to be impeccably clean, using an anal douche prior to the massage. 

To enlarge please click on any image; the enlargement will be in full color.


A. Begin the sacred-spot and/or anal massage with a gentle, playful touch; allowing the giver the opportunity to both excite and relax what may be an apprehensive and tense receiver. The giver should resist the temptation of "entering" the receiver at this time!

B. The giver now slips on a form fitting latex glove.

C. The giver applies a very liberal amount of quality lubrication to the "finger", as well as to anal opening ["rosebud"]. Making sure that the lubricant is at least room temperature or warmer. Never apply "hot" or "cold" lubricant.

D. The giver will now begin the massage by gently, yet firmly pressing the desired finger against the "rosebud". It is essential that the giver never prod excessively, but rather allow the receiver to become comfortable with the giver's finger. By exerting gentle and steady pressure, the giver will find that the receiver's anus will gradually begin to relax and eventually "draw in" the well lubricated finger.

The giver can now begin the massage in earnest, remembering not to withdraw the finger entirely. The receiver may desire to accept more than a single finger, but this may require more time and practice between the giver and receiver.