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Our very own uniquely formulated Sensual Massage Oil. Over the years we've tried many types of oils during our Tantric sessions. A few of these were reasonably good, but all left something to be desired. In time we were able to combine all of the best virtues into a single oil. The resulting formulation has been overwhelmingly well received.

White Lotus Massage Oil may be used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to:  Sensual, Tantra,  Yoni, Lingam and Sacred Spot massage.

The silky, uniquely water soluble solution contains only natural ingredients. These include Sunflower seed oil, Arnica, Calendula and vitamin C.  Following the massage the oil is easily removed, leaving the skin baby soft, rejuvenated and glowing. Unlike virtually all other oils, any residue left on sheets or garments is easily washed out. Delicate linens and towels are never ruined.

Our special blend of massage oil is available in light and airy "citrus scent", which contains a blend of relaxing aromatics. 


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Light Citrus Scent Oil   Temporarily Unavailable (8 fluid oz.) $ 19.50
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