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Within every woman stirs the soul of a Goddess, yearning to be released, ready to explore the sensual mysteries of the universe. If she is bold enough to pursue  this quest, a women will learn to receive pleasure and to allow herself to surrender to previously unknown passions. She will experience a wide gamut of sensations, from gently soothing to exhilaratingly powerful. Within our gentle world, she will be honored, and the Goddess now sleeping within, will be awakened.

From the moment of your arrival, you will be pampered and nurtured within the sacred space of our studio. Only at the point of your choosing will the journey begin. Throughout your visit, you will be encouraged to choose only those aspects of the session which are most desirable and comfortable.

That journey might begin in the calm relaxation of a soothing sensual bath. Amidst ancient essential oils and the water's restful essence, where the newly released Goddess becomes more mindful of her body. A space in which her most sacred self begins to open, as her spiritual and physical beings may become entwined, allowing her to drift more easily into the transcendent benefits of the sensual massage to come. The goddesses would be most pleased to share this experience with you.

Diary of a Tantra Massage: a factual account of an experience, from a woman’s perspective. We are most grateful for the loving care and consideration in which it was written. It is truly an acknowledgement which is very special to us.