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This session contains all of the elements of the "individual" tantric session, including sensual bath and tantric massage. To gain a better sense of this encounter it might best to walk through one of a few possibilities:

After your arrival in our studio and prior to the start of the session, your tantrica will begin to create a trusting and comfortable relationship. While getting to know each other it often helps to calm jittery nerves and anxiety with a glass of wine or two. This will also present a wonderful opportunity to chat and candidly discuss all desires which may be anticipated during the session. When everyone feels comfortable with one another the session may begin.

The goddess will now invite you to enter the inner sanctum of her sacred space. She will help each of you to disrobe in preparation of the bath ceremony. Practical time considerations may limit this ceremony to one of the partners. In which case it's usually more appropriate to reserve this privilege for the female partner. In the event that "both" partners would like to be bathed, it would be necessary to plan for a somewhat longer session in advance. This sensual bath is the perfect way to prepare for the tantric massage which follows.

Your tantrica would begin the session by demonstrating various techniques on both of the partners, alternating her attention so that one partner may observe. The other partner will also have the opportunity join in and practice. In this rotating manner, first one partner, then the other will have to chance to be either the tantrica's subject or assistant. The couple may practice these newly discovered techniques on one another, as often as they might desire. All elements involved in this session are described in great detail elsewhere within this website (see multiple orgasm, tantra, yoni and lingam massage).