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At first blush it seems a simple proposition. Anyone can do it. However, the reality can be as different as “chopsticks” is to a Brahms concerto. A “stick figure” compared to a to a Vermeer painting.

The male body must first be understood before it may be played in the same manner as a virtuoso commands a musical instrument. Unfortunately most women have only marginal or little understanding of the male anatomy. The inevitable ineptitude often produces sour notes. [Conversely the same can be said about men and their level of appreciation for the female body, but this is another subject entirely.]

The problem stems from the fact that male and female genitalia are entirely different from one another. Understandably, the result is that it’s difficult for a woman to know how to best touch a man. Despite the fact that a woman’s clitoris is something of counterpart to a man’s penis, stimulating each to the pinnacle of arousal involves very different techniques. This circumstance results in a host of faulty assumptions, guesswork and experimentation. While some women may mimic the techniques they might have seen in “Blue” movies, others may attempt to refer to what they’ve read in a range of publications.

Ultimately the majority simply proceed by trial and error, in the hope that their partners response will serve as a guide. The drawback with this methodology is that many men are not able to effectively communicate their desires verbally or may be embarrassed to make use of  “show & tell". Quite a few men may not even be aware of the most effective techniques themselves.

Not surprisingly many men feel that women aren't sufficiently skilled at handling penises. Specific complaints range from grips which are too limp, to a lack conviction and exuberance. Women seem hesitant to apply pressure, and often pull or tug at inappropriate moments; continuously  disrupting the all important rhythm.

Often women have little sense of how to control the ebb and flow of orgasmic sensations. A woman’s hands are capable of amazing erotic pleasuring, much more than most anyone can imagine. It’s little appreciated that this is an acquired talent. Subtle techniques, the male genitalia as well as adjacent erotic zones must first be understood... continue to:

[Lingam Massage]

[Anal Massage]